Chat Bombs and Ice Cream

I’ve been visiting Liverpool for a couple of years since my friend moved there. And for most of the time she’s been there, she’s been banging on and on about a restaurant called Mowgli. A little place, she said, where you can’t book, and it serves small Indian street food plates. I imagined it would just be alright, but I eventually caved, mainly to shut her up. Thank goodness I did. Wow.

We started our evening in Concert Square, where we sat outside (in February!) and had possibly the cheapest pints of cider I’ve ever known – £2 a pint – and watched the world go by with some equally cheap shisha, available in just about every flavour imaginable. There was a bit of everything sitting outside in that courtyard – stag do’s, students, groups of friends, and people sitting smoking on their own. One thing was for sure – everyone was young, and having fun.

Eventually we started to get cold and hungry, so wandered along to the restaurant which wasn’t far from the square. The restaurant was heaving when we arrived at 7.40pm, with every table taken. They work on a no reservation system, so people turn up, get added to a waiting list and sent away with a time to return. We couldn’t believe it when they asked us to return at 10.10pm – and almost decided to forget about it and go somewhere else instead. But, luckily, we decided to go and wait in a nearby pub. The host called us up at 9pm and said our table was ready – so we happily finished our drinks and headed back to the restaurant.

So, settling in to our table, we started to look at the menu (the one that we hadn’t been studying with watering mouths for the last hour or so, of course). We ordered prosecco, of course, which came in cute little french martini glasses. The waitress advised on the number of dishes we should order, and dissuaded us from ordering two portions of the yogurt chat bombs, but as soon as the bombs arrived, they’d gone. Luckily, the waitress was quick to notice and quickly went to get the second portion after all. So, for those of you who are chat bomb virgins, like I was, you HAVE to try them. Think small hollow doughy balls, filled with cold runny liquid yummy yogurt that explodes in your mouth as you bite into it. I’m still salivating now as I think about them, 10 days after I scoffed them all! These bombs were followed by gunpowder chicken which was delicious, garlicky and crispy, then the house chicken and Goan fish curries with rice and rotis. Everything tasted amazing, and authentic, not like the typical ‘English’ curries that most places serve. We were intrigued by the hand made ice cream on the dessert menu, so decided to finish our meal with salted caramel cones, which were huge and creamy and just lovely!


I am so glad that I finally made it to this amazing little gem of a restaurant. I can’t wait to go back, maybe to try something from their ‘Hindu Kitchen’ part of the menu next time – vegetarian and full of paneer!

Liverpool just keeps on impressing me – and I’ve only scratched the surface!

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