Pudding paradise, or pudding problems?

Chocolate. Salted caramel. Cheesecake.

Baileys mousse. Tart. Cake.

Scones. Ice cream. Milkshake.

These things make up the bulk of the menu at the Pudding Pantry, somewhere I’ve wanted to go for a while. I’d never been somewhere just for dessert, or at least never somewhere that purely sells dessert. So, I decided to pay a little visit to this little cafe tucked away in Nottingham’s city centre.

Obviously I’d studied the menu before going, although I was expecting a display counter full of delicious looking sweet treats to totally sway me as I walked in. I have to say, I was a bit disappointed as the cake counter was somewhat lacklustre, not really enticing me to try the things I could see. However, staff were busy preparing milkshakes which looked incredible, with crumbled cookies stuck with chocolate syrup around the top, and lashings of chocolate sauce on the inside of the glasses. This made me excited, and slightly nervous about how much of a coma I was going to be leaving in.

After a short wait, the table was ready. It was a busy Sunday afternoon and our table was packed in close to families, students and couples. Most were enjoying the milkshakes I’d seen being prepared, which turned out to be called Freakshakes – chocolate milkshakes with a slab of salted caramel brownie sitting on top of a mound of whipped cream. I struggled to decide what I wanted, a problem I often have when faced with menus. I wasn’t hugely persuaded by any of the desserts I could see coming out to the tables, but I knew I wanted a freakshake – I LOVE salted caramel. Eventually I decided that I would have that with the American style pancakes, as it was almost pancake day was just round the corner.

After waiting a while to be seen to by the waitress, she eventually came, and with bad news – they had run out of salted caramel brownie, and so were offering cheesecake toppings to the freakshakes instead. I agreed to this, but was disappointed as I’d been excited about the salted caramel.

When the drink came, it was amazing. Rich, chocolatey, with amazing little squares of marshmallow on the side. Definitely the best milkshake I’ve had for years. The pancakes, on the other hand, weren’t – they were dry and a bit boring, but the bacon was crozzled and crispy and absolutely delicious, and the plate was definitely clean by the time I’d finished!


All in all, ┬áthis was a disappointing trip to somewhere I’d been excited to go to, with service that wasn’t wonderful and desserts that didn’t excite me, but I can’t fault the rich, gooey, chocolatey, creamy milkshake that was just divine! Maybe I’m growing up and becoming more of a savoury fan rather than a sweet tooth, as I’m becoming increasingly interested in cheese boards rather than sickly puddings. That is something I never thought I would say! And given that I probably gained about 10 kilos just looking at the menu, time to get back on the diet for a few days, until the next restaurant sampling session (all in the name of blogging, of course!).


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